How to Help

Community BookShelfBook donations

We welcome donations of almost any type of book for children and adults and we will take your books any time you want to donate them. As you cull your own collections, set them aside for Community Bookshelf. If you know of any school, library, bookstore, other organizations or individuals who are downsizing their collections, let us know.

Here is our particular wish list:

Join us for an event

Do you enjoy meeting new people? You will love this aspect of Community Bookshelf! Check our facebook page  for the dates and times of our upcoming events in one of the communities.

One of the most amazing things about our visits has been the people we have met. It is very easy to come into relationships with many of the kids and their families. Relationship is the name of the game and the possibilities are endless!

Start a Bookshelf in your community

Best Practices:

 Assess the need

Determine the need in your community. Look around and chances are you already know someone who could benefit from their own Bookshelf. In our experience, those who benefit from Community Bookshelf are: English Language Learners (ELL), People facing financial challenges, Bookshelf Event Volunteers. Local schools will know if there is a mobile home park or apartment complex that is home to a large number of ELL students.

 Book Drive

Share your efforts with your own network. Everyone has books they are done with and would jump at the chance to donate. Ask at local schools, libraries and bookstores if they would be interested in donating. Leave a box outside your front door and you will have more books than you ever imagined!

Communicate with property management

Many of the target communities are mobile home parks and apartment complexes. Working with property management IS CRUCIAL. Begin with a conversation about Community Bookshelf, its intentions, how it will benefit the people who live in the communities. You will need permission to publicize. Management can be invaluable partners in your efforts!

Publicize the dates and times of your book deliveries

Getting the word out is very important. We have had the greatest success delivering flyers door to door, 3-4 days before our book delivery events. Translate the flyers if language is an issue. We have met many people this way.